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Uses of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are essential in many businesses. They are also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial trucks or boom trucks. These trucks are mostly used by electricians, painters, construction workers, tree maintenance professionals and window washers. This however does not mean that other industries cannot use them in fact they are recommended because they come in handy. The following are the main uses of bucket trucks: Click here
Maintenance of telecommunication and electrical utility lines
The bucket trucks are used to elevate workers to the lines for maintenance. The trucks used are insulated to provide protection to workers from high voltage wires that are very dangerous. 
Animal Rescuing
By using the aerial trucks the animal rescuers are able to rescue animals stuck in high places like on trees or buildings. 
Window washing
The trucks have booms that can extend quite far. The trucks can be used for cleaning exterior windows of tall buildings. The boom trucks allow the window washers reach heights that a ladder cannot moreover they are safer to use than ladders.
Fire rescue
The feature of a bucket and boom makes the trucks appropriate to be used as fire trucks. The design of the trucks allows firemen to put out fire in tall buildings and rescue people from inaccessible places. 
Exterior painting
You might see a well painted tall building and wonder how anyone could reach there. Well, their secret is that they use bucket trucks that safely helps them reach the high level heights. 
Tree trimming
You probably might see the trucks on the streets after huge thunderstorms. The storms leave broken and loose tree branches which endanger electrical lines and lives of people. Those workers working on trees that are close to the power lines use the special insulated bucket trucks for their safety. 
Fruit picking
The trucks are heavily demanded by fruit pickers in orchards. 
Photography and film making
Whenever films are being made you will notice someone or equipment placed on a boom truck. This brings about perfect lighting and a good angle of the people on ground.
Operators of the powerful utility trucks should be well trained for their safe operations. Before purchasing the truck take time to know and understand the safety and invest of an experienced and trained operator for your truck. Visit site