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If you live outside of the city, you may rely upon a septic system to help you remove waste from your home. As such, you will have a septic tank buried in your yard in which the waste is stored. This way, it is kept safely away from your home where it cannot cause problems for you and your family. But, how exactly how does a septic tank work and what do you need to know when selecting a septic tank for your home? Septic Trucks

What is a Septic Tank?

A septic system is an independent sewage treatment center that is not tied into the system used by private corporations or by the local government. The septic tank is an important component of this system, with other components including alarms, pumps, filters and other parts that may be required by the local government. While approximately 25% of the homes in North America use a septic system, this system is typically used only in the rural parts of European countries. Septic Truck for Sale

In order to perform its job, a septic tank must maintain an anaerobic bacterial environment. This environment develops as waste within the tank decomposes and mineralizes. In order to assist with this process, however, many homeowners choose to add supplemental bacterial agents to the tank. In addition, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance on septic tanks in order to prevent clogging or other problems. For example, solids that cannot break down need to be removed. Otherwise, they will settle and fill the tank, leaving it in a less efficient state.

Although this maintenance is required in some jurisdictions, it often is not enforced. Those that do not perform this maintenance, however, will face costly repairs in the future. If the system is cared for properly, on the other hand, it can last for several decades. Used Septic Trucks

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

Septic tanks usually hold anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 gallons of waste. In order to function, they are connected to a wastewater pipe on one end and to a septic drain field on the other. The pipes are usually connected with a T pipe, as this makes it possible or the liquid to move through the pipes without causing problems with the surrounding land. Used Septic Trucks for Sale

Many septic tanks actually contain two chambers, with one having a manhole cover. When wastewater enters one chamber, the solids fall to the bottom while the scum floats on the top. The solids are then an anaerobically digested. The liquid component, on the other hand, flows into the second chamber. The liquid that is left over after additional settling takes place is then released through a leach field. This waste is relatively clear when it reenters the ground and is further filtered as it seeps through the ground. Pumper Trucks


Maintain Your Septic Truck With These Simple Steps!

Whether a septic business owns one tanker truck or several, keeping such expensive working vehicles in the best of shape is important. Failure to do so only wastes company money in more ways than one. It is not hard to provide required maintenance that will keep any new and used septic truck working at peak efficiency. There are also other things that can contribute to the prevention of unnecessary wear and tear. Review the information that is listed here and see what can contribute to business success. Septic Trucks

The More Obvious

Some important operational considerations in septic truck maintenance can be rather obvious:

Read the Instruction Manual - Without a doubt, even septic trucks and other similar commercial vehicles come with an instruction manual and, like many other instruction manuals, it is frequently tossed into the console or glove compartment and forgotten. Considering the fact that septic trucks are a unique breed of the work machine and are available in some different types and sizes as well as with different strength pumps, it should be vital for businesses to insist that operators read the manufacturer's manual to learn pertinent information about a specific vehicle model.

Perform Preventive Maintenance - Another point almost too obvious to state is that many companies claim that they are too busy to remove a perfectly good, clean running truck from active service just to take care of suggested preventive maintenance. Sometimes it is just forgotten, lost in the many details that serve as reminders and are then dismissed. Keeping track of each unit's maintenance schedule and being sure that it receives suggested care on a timely basis keeps efficiency up and makes the likelihood of some failure or breakdown much less than would otherwise be possible. Think of it this way - being off the road for repairs will usually take longer than being off the road for maintenance. Septic Trucks for sale

Other Important Considerations

Once the obvious has been handled, the next step is to examine other important ways in which the life expectancy of a septic truck can be extended.

Buy the Right One - As with anything else, more power than what is needed is wasteful and less power than what is needed will decrease efficiency. Determining the truck, tank, and pump sizes are decisions that must be made to find the best vehicle for the job.

Be Observant - Daily observations by vehicle operators - and especially septic trucks - can make the difference between major vehicle failure or handling the problem before failure can happen. Daily visual inspections should always be done - and the best thing that can be done is just to listen to the operating vehicle, especially with septic trucks during pumping. Those who know how the equipment runs and is familiar with a 'normal' sound versus a 'non-normal' sound can often detect problems long before the failure happens. Looks, sounds, and even vibrations say a lot to an experienced septic truck operator.

Planned Trade-In Timing - No vehicle will last forever, so the companies that experience the most efficient use of septic trucks have a planned rotation schedule that is individually set for each vehicle to eliminate older modes before expensive problems can happen. Doing this on a schedule based on the age and usage of a vehicle can ensure that there are no units still in the fleet over a certain age. Something else to consider is that doing all the steps listed above protects that vehicle investment, potentially allowing for better trade-in or auction value when the time to sell arrives. Used Septic Trucks

Keeping a septic truck in good working order so that it is efficient, smooth-running, and in good enough condition to bring a good trade-in value can be done. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule will have the least effect on a fleet and ultimately be the best way to maintain a septic truck fleet for maximum efficiency! Used Septic Trucks for Sale